Thursday, February 4, 2016


Hi guys! Today, i'm going to talk about a
new game that Skillshotlabs ( released on January 2016. It is "Notice Me Senpai". This game is available on iOS and Android. 

For those who is familiar or who played "Neko Atsume", you guys will understand what kind of game is this. For those who dont, here is the description of this game. And if you still dont understand, dont worry cause there will be a tutorial of it ;)  

In this game, you'll be the first female student in an elite all-boys private school (Shoujo Much?). Basically, you have to collect all 20 senpais. By "collecting" means you have to attract the senpais to come by providing them coffees and put some fun stuffs in your cafe. Not just the senpais, but you have to collect each of the senpai's CG and Guest Notes. I'll explain more about CG and Guest Notes after this. You will be asked to fill your name and the Cafe's name in the tutorial. But dont worry, you can change it anytime you want.

Senpai List:
Senpai list is a list of your senpai's collections that have already come to your cafe while you're opening the application. It provides all the biodata that you need to know. So here is an example.(it is mine btw hahaha)

If it is black, it means that the senpais have come to your place when you're not opening the apps. If it is "?", that means that senpais haven't come to your place.
Well the more you spent your money at the shop, the more money that you'll get from the senpais, either gold or diamonds. Also, more new senpais will come to your cafe. And you cant buy gems.. Yet.. I dont know what will happened in the future but they dont have an in-app-purchases for now.

And by biodata, i mean this. I'll take an exampe for Izumi-senpai. He is the first senpai that will come out from the tutorial.

So in the biodata, it will show you:
- Types of Senpai
- Number of Visits
- Level of Hearts
- His Name
- His Heights
- Description of His Interests
- His Favorite Items
- Collectibles (CG & Guest Notes)
- Snapshots of Him

Oh, and you can change senpai's name as well! By changing, you can change their nicknames ('w') It isnt like Neko Atsume that you can change their name that you want. Just click the blue button that have some kind of "symbols of changing" beside the senpai's name and heights, you'll open this:

There are only 4 choices :( but lets just keep it that way hehe..

Shop is where you buy the coffee's refill and stuffs to attract the senpai's to come to your cafe. Here is a few stuffs and example of what they sell.

And yea.. Some of the stuffs are sold either using gold or diamonds. 

Inventory is a place where u keep your stuffs that you bought. And you can change the stuffs that you want to equipped. Here is an example of how to apply it.

1st: open your inventory
2nd: look for Cute Tea Set

3rd: press on the position that you want to put the Tea Cup Set. In this case, i chose the top left. I'm replacing the library.

4th: and there you go, all set.

Cafe Theme:
Cafe theme is where you can change the colour of your cafe or the fixed interior. In order to unlock this, you have to expand your first cafe, otherwise you have to pay 200 diamonds.

I still have no idea how to expand my cafe because there's no choices in the shop, but i think (my opinion), i have to make a few senpais reached a certain level then I can unlocked the options in the Shop. I'll do a further updates once I got it already. 

Collection is where you collect your Senpai, CG & Guest Notes.

This is what it looks like when you opened collection:

So let me explain more about Guest Notes & CG:

- Guest Notes:
Guest note is the note that you'll get from senpai once they have reached level 3, so here is an example of Guest Note.

And i'll take an example of Izumi senpai because he is the first character that i unlocked. 

It is just a note of them complimenting your cafe.

- CG:
if it is CG (no, i have no idea what is CG but it is a confession so, C maybe stands for Confession (?), LOL). In this case, your senpai have to reached level 4/5 in order to unlocked this scene, it was like a conversation scene of senpai confessing their true feelings to you. Here is an example from the application review:

And this is mine, i only got one since the one who always come to my cafe is Izumi senpai ~_~):

You're going to have a conversation with the one you clicked, this is one of the example:

And for those of who are still confused about levels, this is what i'm talking about.

This heart have reached level 5 (complete already). Each level have different colours of heart! And if you clicked the blue button, you'll see this:

Options are obvious, just like any other games. Pretty much like this

Take Photo:
You can take a photo of your senpais or the whole cafe!

You can share it on twitter or facebook!

How to play after tutorial:
It is very easy, all you have to do is
1st: buy more stuffs and then placed it in the cafe. Like this 

2nd, you should click the coffee bar at the bottom, and then refill it with coffee beans. (There are 4 other choices, you have to pay for other types of bean)

3rd, wait for senpai to come ( you should close your application)

4th, let them enjoy their time at your cafe, and wait for them to leave. Once they left, they'll pay you with either money or diamonds. Click this cashier icon at the bottom right.

And the press "Collect All"

NO, i'm not advertising stuffs. But if you see this Ninja Senpai, i'd suggest you to click it.

Look at the bottom right. 

Click on him, and he will stand up to show you an Ad.

Press it, and you'll get this:

Make sure you press "Watch" because you'll get something after you watch an Ad. You'll get either money or diamonds/gems.

I guess that's enough for the review, if something comes up, i'll make a further updates about this. Thankyou for reading!!! Please do comment if you want to ask something, i'll do the best that i could.