Sunday, January 31, 2016


Hello folks! I am Angie Tan. I dont know how to do an introduction so I'll just do a quick one. I made a blog before but it was like 5 years ago, so yea.. I'm gonna start blogging again because I really think I should. I'll share some stuffs too, either with Indonesian or English language. Well depends on my mood.

And let me get this straight, if you love my blog, maybe we could talk to each other on messenger, just tell me your opinion about my blog on what should I post or what I shouldnt. We could be friends too! And if you hate my blog for no fucking reason or you're just bashing me without any logical reasons, I suggest you to close my blog, don't waste your time to hate me because I seriously don't give a shit ;) 

And if you want to know more about me, just click the link in "more information" or this link -->

Thats it, I gotta go. See you on my next post! Thankyou for reading ;)

PS: here's a picture of me, i looked like an asshole.